For our valued clients,
We provide optimal investment services.

Fund Evaluation Services

Pursuit to measure funds’ future prospect unstinted efforts to access their true reliabilities, not reflected in past performance.

Investment Advisory Services

Our visionary and flexible propositions solve various clients’ asset management needs.

Investment Consulting Services

Leveraging our high level research capabilities with 30+ years of experience, track record and substantial research team.

CIO Services

Extending our asset management services usually provided for institutional investors such as public and corporate pension funds to retail investors.

Index Services

Calculating and offering benchmark indices for Japanese and Global markets.

  • Fund Evaluation Services
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Investment Consulting Services
  • CIO Services
  • Index Services

We offer qualified investment solutions with a global
perspective, exclusively provided by our seasoned
and experienced professionals.

Nomura Fiduciary Research & Consulting (NFRC) provide various types of investment solutions to satisfy our clients’ needs,
leveraging our experience, track record, global capabilities
and variety of services.


We deliver client oriented and value added investment solution services that satisfy various investor needs.


Nomura Fiduciary Research & Consulting is a comprehensive investment service provider satisfying clients’ needs utilizing our global network.