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Fund Evaluation Services

Pursuit to Measure Funds’ Future Prospect Unstinted Efforts to Access Their True Reliabilities, not Reflected in Past Performance.

“Qualitative Evaluation”
of Funds’ Future Prospects

We have been consistently focusing on qualitative evaluation, which measures funds’ expected future performance. Our evaluation does not simply comment or criticize the state of funds under review, but is designed to identify the right funds to generate additional returns and/or smaller risk for clients’ asset management. We also continue to verify the efficacy of our evaluation and disclose the results.

Broad Range of Coverage Including Alternative Investments

Our research covers not only the traditional products but also the alternative investment strategies, such as hedge fund, private equity, infrastructure, and real estate products.*

*As of March 2023, NFRC continues to cover approx. 1,700 funds and 370 asset managers.

Number of Manager Interviews
in FY 2022


Number of On-site Meetings with Managers since incorporation as of Mar. 31, 2023
Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa
Asia, Oceania
North, Latin America

"On-site" manager interview through Global Research Platform

We utilize our global research platform (Tokyo, London, New York) . We have a firm policy to locally collect as much information as possible to carry out all the fund research and analysis necessary for fund evaluation, including on-site meetings with fund’s management and system verifications.





New York


As of September 30, 2023

No Boundaries to
Our Services Coverage

As the value of our qualitative evaluation is approved by fund investors and other professionals as a leading indicator of fund‘s performance, our clientele grew beyond regional, industrial, and corporate-group boundaries to include major financial institutions in competition with Nomura group companies.

25+years Experience and Track Record of Fund Evaluation

As pioneers of fund evaluation services in Japan, we have 25+years of experience and track record. We have managed to provide effective investment advices for our clients, helping them to go thorough those tough 25+years with number of major market events including global financial crisis.

NFRC’s Fund Evaluation

The process of Fund Evaluation / Evaluation Points