We calculate and offer benchmark indices for Japanese and Global markets. These indices are developed to reflect the trend of each market, and therefore can be used for various needs in asset management, such as performance measurement and a portfolio universe, etc.

Stable and sustainable provision of various indices

We have been developing a series of indices, such as the first domestic fixed income index “NOMURA-BPI” and domestic equity style index “Russell/Nomura”. Responding to evolving market and complicated clients’ needs, our professionals with 30+ years experience provide indices stably and sustainably, improving them continuously.

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Securities Market Benchmarks

Development of new indices

While passive investment expands, a variety of financial products linked to indices have been developed and interest for sustainable investments has been rising reflecting the need for SDGs. We develop and provide indices in a timely manner, seizing complex investment needs and timing of market changes by utilizing Nomura’s research and quants capabilities.

Robust governance and control of conflict of interest

Our indices are periodically reviewed by an external auditor in terms of compliance with the Principles for Financial Benchmarks set by IOSCO including robust governance and effectively managing conflict of interest. As an index provider, we are very keen to maintain credibility, transparency, neutrality and independency for the indices we provide to our clients.